Our Creme Brulee Hair Butter Contains 4 Awesome Butters!


1.Cupuacu Butter is a highly moisturising emollient butter, which absorbs water, making it an ideal butter for sealing in moisture in hair.Cupaucu also contains various essential fatty acids, which helps promote hair elasticity and durability which is great for moisturizing and nourishing dry and brittle hair.


2. Cocoa Butter adds volume by strengthening the hair strand and protecting the shaft from protein loss. It is an excellent solution if you’re experiencing breakage or hair fall. Also it contains stearic, palmitic, myristic, arachidic, and lauric acids which makes it highly effective at moisturizing the hair shaft.


3. Shea Butter softens the toughest, driest hair and adds moisture while softening dry, brittle hair, which can help reduce split ends.


4.Mango Butter’s composition is closest to shea butter and cocoa butter. Vitamins A, C and E,  Mango Butter is great for fighting off free radicals while being extremely moisturizing. It is also best to use in warmer months as it also provides UV protection, which will keep your hair from getting heat damaged due to weather conditions.

Creme Brulee Hair Butter