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Priced separately @92.00 This is a bargain!

Our amazing silky creamy shower cream lathers without sulfates or cheap fillers. This shower cream is made with aloe,plant botanical oils, coconut oil and shea butter to gently cleanse while leaving you smelling yummie and fresh.

Appreciate the heavenly scent of this luscious coconut and shea butter silky moisturizer that can be used on your entire love this too!!The soft notes of vanilla along with nutty shea and creamy tropical coconut are pleasing to both women and men.This product is free of mineral oil,parabens,phthalates! Formulated with premium botanical oils and whipped with shea butter and coconut for luxurious hydration.The rich creamy texture restores moisture, revitalizes skin,replenishes vibrancy with antioxidants and vitamins.Free of Artificial Colors, Mineral Oil, Parabens, Propylene Glycol and Silicones.NOTE: This item comes with a pump closure.

Our whipped soap scrub exfoliates and softens the skin using a creamy, dreamy, rich blend of coconut oil, shea butter and natural botanical oils.The aroma is a blend of coconut ,vanilla and nutty shea. Honey get this soap scrub if you want youthful smooth glowing skin! A SMALL amount is needed...this scrub is very rich!!



  • Exfoliates dry dead skin cells to reveal smoothe soft silky skin.
  • Helps to prevent wrinkled creapy skin by removeing dead cells.Improves elasticity and aids skin in retaining its own moisture.
  • Apricot shell powder combined with fine cane sugar exfoliates dead skin cells from the surface, revealing newer skin layers beneath, thus prepping skin for the penetration of our awesome face & body moisturizers. 

Coconut & Shea Spa Set

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